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Elise Dechannes

Born into a family of Champagne winegrowers in the heart of Ricey’s renowned vineyards, Elise Dechannes has been nurturing her lifelong passion since 2008 by crafting a range of champagnes in her image – fine, elegant and subtle.

Being intimately connected since childhood to the world of viticulture into which she was born, this natural, authentic woman is fully aware of her responsibilities as the custodian of the precious terroir under her charge. A graduate of Reims Business School, she put an end to an accomplished career in banking in order to live her dream.

For Elise, producing an excellent champagne goes hand in hand with respecting both humankind and the nourishing earth. From the very start, with conviction and resolve, she has been implementing production methods that aim for quality and exacting ethics (keeping vine treatments to a minimum, weeding
manually, respecting her staff, harvesting meticulously and selectively, etc.).

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