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Chateau Barouillet

Chateau Barouillet has been a family business going back at least 8 generations. Vincent Alexis works alongside his father and grandfather to cultivate the land and has pushed the winery into Organic viticulture, starting to convert the soil in 2010 and fully converting all the vineyards by 2014. The domaine controls 45 hectares of vines throughout Monbazzillac, Bergerac Pécharmant, and Cotes de Bergerac. 


Vincent ALEXISI has been in charge of the vineyard for ten vintages and he wants to continue the work of his predecessors by letting their terroirs express themselves as freely as possible. He converted the vineyard to organic farming as soon as he set up in 2010 and they are now in the process of converting to biodynamic farming in order to respect their terroirs a little more and bring the vines and wines to life. Organic generation, end of bulk and retail, opening up to exports, respect for the environment and human beings. The estate is fully certified organic since 2018. All the reds are certified biodynamic and the whites will be certified in 2022.

Château Barouillet是一個位於法國Monbazillac產區的家族經營酒莊,至今已傳承了至少八代之久。酒莊的現任掌舵人Vincent Alexis於2010年接手,並與爺爺和父親一起耕作葡萄和發展酒莊,致力以最「自然」的方式反映Château Barouillet獨一無二的風土。 Monbazillac這個產區位處Bergerac以南,距離Saint-Émilion只有約50公里,可說是波爾多的後花園。雖然Monbazillac在1936年才獲得法定產區地位,但該地種植和釀造葡萄酒的歷史可謂源遠流長。早在16世紀,Monbazillac便已經開始出產高品質的甜白酒,皆因該區所種植的Semillon和Muscadelle尤其出色之故。

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