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Lammidia's Winemaker Box #2

This winemaker box of Lammidia consists of 6 wines:


Bianchetto 2019 (original $200) - Trebbiano

Winemaking: Crushed and destemmed. One night skin contact. Aging: 6 months in steel vat. Light, crispy, with citrus notes.


Flamingo 2020 (original $240) - NEW 

Half-carbonic maceration. 3 days skin contact.Aging: in fiberglass
It's between a rosé and a red; light, fresh and aromatic  with a good structure


Frekt 2020 (original $240) - NEW 

Full carbonic maceration for 1 week. Aging: in fiberglass
Salty, mineral, white flowers, violet


Moontonic 2020 (original $240) - NEW 

Winemaking: Full carbonic maceration for 2 weeks. Aging: in steel vat
Yellow Fruits, herbal and balsamic 


Panda 2020 (original $240) - NEW 

Montepulciano direct pressed. Moscato one night skin contact. Aging: in steel vat
Thebeautiful aromaticity of moscato, well balanced with the freshness and strcture of Montepulciano. The 2020 edition is definitely a red grapefruit juice.

Rosso Anfora 2019 (original $280)

Winemaking: Destemmed by hand, 3 weeks skin contact with submerged cap in concrete vat. Ageing in Terracotta clay. Crispy, wild cherries, elegant tasting.

Lammidia's Winemaker Box #2

HK$1,400.00 一般價格
  • Italy

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