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Gut Oggau White 2016

The 2016’s are a blend of all the family members, thus the labels reflect this combination. The white Reunion is a blend of all the white grapes that normally go into Emmeram, Theodora, Timotheus and Mechtild.


The oldest and youngest vines together. The white is still a baby, one feels the energy of the vineyard, senses the aroma of the Gewurz from Emmeram, one is cut by the acidity of the Gruner of Mechtild and the note of yeasty funkiness which is all Theodora is also present on nose and palate. Fascinating wine which you just keep drinking until the bottle is empty (pretty quickly). Cellaring would be rewarded.

Gut Oggau White 2016

庫存單位: AUBGW394
  • Austria

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